Valentines Day

Technically it was yesterday but who cares.

I did a bad thing… a very stupid bad thing.

So on my way home from work I needed to stop for gas. I took the exit off the parkway toward Edgewood, not really thinking too much about it. After I gassed up it kinda hit me. This is my old neighborhood!

So what do you think I did? Yeah, I drove to my old apartment. The parking lot didn’t have his car in it and the lights were off. I just sat there for a little while listening to a sad song and looking at the apartment windows. The windows that used to be mine. The apartment that I lived my life in. That place that held so many good and bad memories. And I cried. I stayed there for maybe 15 minutes and I just cried into my steering wheel. Some stupid part of myself wanted my ex to show up and comfort me. Another part of me wanted him to come home so I could yell at him.

I drove away after that… It was a lot to handle.

I went to my friends house that night and drank too much. Today, I got in late for work and feel like garbage.

Yesterday was a bad day.

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