Welcome to whatever this is…

Hi!  My name is Sabrina.  On April 16, 2016 I got married to the love of my life.  On January 4, 2018 I filed for divorce.  I would say that these blog posts are my “journey to healing” or some sappy bullshit but they aren’t.  I have no expectations for healing and writing about my emotional state isn’t a journey.  These are just going to be my thoughts.

I hope this helps.  It might not.

I started writing a journal a few weeks ago so many of my posts will be uploaded in one day.  These were written over a stretch of time and I am just now putting them on the internet.


I want you all to know that what I am putting online should be taken with a grain of salt.  In no way am I trying to be hurtful to anyone, especially my ex.  He at one point meant the world to me and he sort of still does.  But how I write may make him sound like a monster.  Please know that this is an emotional tumultuous time.  A lot of what is penned out (or typed out) is stemming from hurt or anger or sadness.  That isn’t the most accurate representation on the situation.  This blog’s purpose is for me to feel better and writing it out might get what I’m feeling on the inside to not fester.

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